Sunday, December 7, 2008

Circuit Board Milling Attempts

Today various experiments were made to produce circuit boards, and many of them failed.

Interesting lessons; nail polish does not work as a solder mask, I hate soldering without a solder mask, and if you plan ahead getting boards printed is cheap. I would probably not try this again unless someone can explain what exactly I did wrong.


Jeff said...

What size traces/separation were you trying to mill?

I'm interested in buying a Taig mill for, among other things, making PCBs and trying to find info on how well they can make PCBs.

I Heart Robotics said...

I think they were supposed to be 10mil traces. I suggest buying the Taig mill for other things, like drilling all the holes.

For making the PCBs, I strongly suggest using PCB Fab-in-a-Box from PulsarProFx. Here is my review.

Some of the newer chemical processes are a bit better then the old ferric chloride.