Friday, May 8, 2009

Electronics Parts, Packaging and Standards

Maybe this link is useful for someone building space robots, or working on a NASA SBIR Grant.

But, if that is not enough information, this handbook should cover everything about resistors.

Everything you will probably never ever care about. Even if you are an electrical engineer, working at NASA, on resistor standards.

On a slightly more interesting note, most search engines can not find any of the public milspec PDFs since they are... behind a search engine.

So if you need to find the pdf for MIL-PRF-55182/3, which has the performance specifications for style RN*60 fixed film resistors, then you will need an ASSIST from the Document Automation and Production Service of the Defense Logistics Agency.

Also, I believe the current design of space shuttle's main engine runs on a mix of 87.23% liquid oxygen, and 14.90% bureaucracy.

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