Friday, May 8, 2009

Laboratory Equipment

Why is it always about the High Voltage and never about the High Current?

Lab Safety Supply carries a vast selection of safety supplies including most importantly lab coats.

In terms of productive laboratory space, Tri-Boro Shelving has nice sturdy workbenches that should hold up to some serious abuse, but most importantly they are made in Brooklyn, NY and Virgina so the shipping is not too bad, which is important when you are buying 200lbs worth of workbench.

Formaspace sells lab benches that are a little more complicated and probably better suited to chemistry.

If you find yourself with valuable desk space taken up by rack mountable servers, CMP Enclosures sells a desk with a built-in EIA standard 19-30" rack, and their cabinets are not bad either.

For the DIY approach I would suggest either using steel saw horses and plywood with cross braces or this project from Make.

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