Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How To: Make a Wrench

Sometimes you need a small wrench or spanner like tool with a funny shape to take apart something. Perhaps something like the lens module of a QuickCam Pro 9000. Building your own tools is easier then you may think.

I started with some scrap aluminum that I had let over from another project. This is why I never throw out scrap metal. I think this particular piece is 0.08 inches thick.

Then I used a hacksaw to remove the bits that were not shaped like a wrench.

Cutting off more non-wrench bits.

Once I had it roughly cut to size I used a Dremel tool with cut-off wheel to give it a bit of shape.

I wear safety glasses and so can you!

Now it is starting to look vaguely like a wrench.

Use files and the grinding wheel to further shape the tool.

Drill the center hole if you are making a lens adjustment tool.

You can use a reamer to enlarge holes.

The deburring tool is really effective at preventing metal splinters, which are much worse then wooden splinters.

Use needle files to cut notches 120 degrees apart for the rotation pegs.

Finished Logitech QuickCam Lens Adjustment Tool.

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