Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Infravision: Functional Results

Since the last version didn't work I redesigned the mounting system for the infrared stereo vision system.

This is the front view of adjustable stereo mounting system based off of the Creative Labs VF0220 Webcam. The infrared filters were removed allowing the robot to see in the dark.

Here is the view from the back. One of the issues with this setup is the lack of stiffness for testing and calibration. I had to shim one of the cameras to make it coplanar with the other one.

This is the left/right stereo pair, which if you install the Schillr Firefox plugin can be converted to your preferred stereoscopic format.

A red/cyan stereo test image which is almost correctly aligned. Does not work at all with red/blue glasses.

This is the new stereo mounting system. If the image alignment and matching is good I'll probably just build a case around it and call it a day.

Maybe I should go look for the maths to determine the spacing between cameras since I will need to determine the camera's focal length, distortion and other assorted parameters anyways for future experiments.


Anonymous said...

Can you give me some information about the size of camera disassembled: for example: height, width and depth

I Heart Robotics said...

The Creative Labs cameras I used for this are no longer being made, and I do not suggest using them since they do not support the USB Video Device Class.

I currently suggest using the Quickcam 9000 Pro if you need autofocus. A CAD file is available.

If you do not need autofocus I suggest using the Logitech C600. I'll probably have a CAD model in a few weeks, but it is about 2"x2"x1".