Saturday, June 20, 2009

QR Code Decoder

$ ./sample/simple/simpletest ~/Desktop/0004.jpg
libdecodeqr version 0.9.3 ($Rev: 42 $)
this is a test

Hit any key to end.

It looks like libdecodeqr works for decoding QR Codes from images however it does not appear to perform reliably on small images or highly distorted images such as the one below. It is however very fast and uses opencv for image processing.

My beverage retrieval robot will require more advanced techniques to reliably locate the correct container.


Max said...

Hello... I wonder if tou know any decoder of QR codes in MATLAB?? Thanks.. Max..., my email is

I Heart Robotics said...

I have not seen any MATLAB QR Code decoders, but it shouldn't be that hard to write one yourself.

Unknown said...

Hi... I'm beginning to create a matlab coder/decoder... do you know where can I find the basic logic of coder/decoder?? thanks.... Max

I Heart Robotics said...

I would look at the QR Code decoder that is part of zebra crossing.