Friday, June 26, 2009

Recharging Framework

PR2 from Willow Garage has been busy learning how to recharge itself.

The robotics framework ROS, that it uses for control, seems to be coming along fairly well and it interfaces to Gazebo which I suppose is nice. I should probably update my Gazebo install to see how much less it crashes now.

ROS seems to have reasonable hardware support but it does not support the Xsens MTx so it doesn't support everything I use. Much less every sensor you might use. Hopefully writing drivers for it is not as annoying as writing them for Player.

I'll probably try to get ROS to run on the Netbot when it is finished.

It seems like an interesting alternative to Player/Stage/Gazebo,
and the robot framework that will not be named unless they give me an Xbox and Natal controller. They really need to come up with a better name...

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