Thursday, July 9, 2009

Strategies Against Architecture

I am finally getting my laboratory into working order over the past week.
So, to keep things organized I am trying out the FastTrack system from Rubbermaid, which was reasonably priced at Home Depot. There is also currently a special offer for $39.95 for a starter kit. The bike holder seems like it could be a bit stiffer but time will tell how sturdy this setup is.

I dislike the idea of having the Rubbermaid® logo emblazoned on the wall of my laboratory, so it is time for a little debranding.

It took about 15 minutes of rubbing to remove the logo, but now it's gone and there are no scratches on the plastic.

I feel organized already, now that my bike has a place to go.

Here is my new lab bench made from riveted shelving and MDF boards, with a total cost of about $100.

I really like the yellow organizer bins and the test lead holders.


Jim Deitzel said...

Glad you like the FastTrack rails. In regards to the bike hooks, I've been using 2 of the same bike hooks in my garage for about 1 year now and I haven't had any issue. I hope your experience is the same. Thanks!

NOTE: I'm a Rubbermaid employee

I Heart Robotics said...

I should note that if you have metal wall studs and they are not exactly 16" on center then it can be annoying trying to get the thing mounted. Slots instead of mounting holes might make it easier to mount, but I don't know off hand how that would effect the structural integrity of the rail.

DIY FastTrack mounting adapters would also be nice so you could make your own mounting devices. For example you could make you own cabinets, lighting support, TV mount or a canoe holder. Just put a 4 hole bolt pattern on one side and FastTrack on the other.

Also, should the FastTrack cabinets be for sale at Home Depot or Amazon?

I tried looking for more information but the FastTrack site is a mess.