Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This New Lab: Whiteboard Installed

While procrastinating the completion of other projects, I setup my whiteboard.
I came up with a few innovations on the standard budget whiteboard design.

First, install mirror clips along where you want the bottom edge to be. I went with every 16 inches, which in the US is how far apart the wall studs should be spaced.

If you can not find this size roll of double stick tape you can probably go with several of the smaller rolls.

Sometimes you need a lot of double stick tape.

Apply rows of double stick tape every 6 inches or 150mmm or whatever seems good to you. After you position the whiteboard and rub it down with a paper towel to secure the tape, then add additional mirror clips along the top and sides.

The cheap whiteboards do not erase quite as well as the expensive kind.

However, this cost $1.96*4 for the mirror clips and $11.87 for the panel board sku #765096003006. The double stick tape I already had from another project.

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