Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Post Vacation Roundup

This how-to video makes fiberglass look really easy to work with.

I wish there was a how-to for removing spray paint from an LCD monitor screen. I need to find a solvent that dissolves the paint but does not dissolve the screen. so far the solution seems to be scraping the paint off with a super thin double sided razor blade. I do not recommend this or getting paint on your monitor. Screen protectors should probably be mandatory for lab computers.

Aside from the small minor fact that the nozzle ring does not prevent the nozzle from being depressed enough to spray paint on to your lab monitor, I strongly suggest Montana GOLD for all of your robot painting needs. Compared to Krylon there are no drips and it feels like there is more paint in the cans. Also the interchangeable caps work way better then the new Krylon ones. It also looks like Montana is popular with the professional users of spray paint.

On another note, I wonder how hard it would be to get robotic sailboats to swarm.

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