Thursday, September 10, 2009

Super Random Roundup

Here is an extra random robotics related link roundup.

Maybe you need detailed topographic USGS Maps, from the Libre Map Project, for your next robotics project.

If you are American, your tax dollars also paid for these U.S. Army metalworking training manuals.

If you are tired of zeroing the Z axis every time you change tools on your CNC machine, perhaps these stop-rings would help.

This Kanban fastener management system allows you to quickly determine when your robotics startup needs to reorder #0-80 screws.

Breve can be used to simulate multi-agent systems and artificial life. The practical use of this is to evolve walking gaits for robots.

Notice the robot's Ackermann steering setup in this video.

The original GeekPort specifications might be useful as a reference. A DSP class might be handy as well.

Let's reuse financial data visualization techniques for robotics. This should be useful for monitoring data such as power usage.

An old Pro/CABLING tutorial for managing all those power cables and flexible solar panels for your solar powered UAV, or maybe you want to use an engine.

A quick lat/lon distance calculator.

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