Saturday, October 31, 2009

Circle Detection with Harpia

I was thinking the other day that is would be great if there was a tool for Linux that you could use to build a series of common computer vision operations with a GUI and live preview for quick testing. What would be better is if the program could export these operations as OpenCV code and compile it in C/C++ so it can run in real-time. What would be even better than that is if someone else wrote the program so I didn't have to.

Today I found Harpia while testing Ubuntu 9.10 aka Karmic Koala. This is a great tool for developing ideas for computer vision tasks quickly and since it exports C code that links with OpenCV it is extremely fast.

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d'agent said...

Hi there! I'm very happy to see someone enjoying harpia as much as I do!
(ps: I'm the developer... lol)

Thanks for "spreading the word"!