Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mobile Armatron Repairs

I uploaded another dissection to iFixit. This one shows some of the disassembly required to make repairs to the Mobile Armatron.

This video shows the robot in action. The arm works ok after using contact cleaner to clean the remote control. The gripper works intermittently but the gears seem undamaged. Unfortunately the wheels are missing, so it looks like I will have to mold my own, again.

The gripper internals are pretty interesting since one motor is used to rotate the wrist when it rotates in one direction and opens and closes the gripper when it moves in the other direction.

I have to admit it is kind of tempting to put a microcontroller inside this Armatron.


Bill Bates said...

Thats awesome! I used to love my Mobile Armatron when I was a kid. I just found it tonight when doing a whole bunch of cleaning. It is in perfect working order still too!! ...Of course; I have no need for it anymore. I think its time to find him a new home.

I Heart Robotics said...

I'm stuck between wanting to restore mine to original condition and upgrading it with an Arduino and wireless control.