Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Half Size/Full Speed Bee Micromouse

Bee is the half size younger sibling of the Tetra micromouse created by Kato-san. I think it's almost as fast as Tetra.

Bee Specs
top speed: 2000mm/s
top acceleration: 6500mm/s/s
top angular acceleration: 40000deg/s/s
turn speed: (90L)800mm/s, (90V)650mm/s, (180)760mm/s, (45)820mm/s, (135)730mm/s

4x Toshiba Photo Transistors ±10° TPS601A
4x Osram Opto 850 nm IR Emitters ±3° Beam Angle SFH4550
1x Epson Toyocom Gyro ±100°/s XV-3500CB
2x Nemicon Ultra Micro Encoders OMS-125-2T
2x Full-Bridge Motor Drivers ±2.8 A 36V A3950
1x ST Microelectronics ARM Cortex™-M3 STM32F103CBT6
2x 70mAh Zippy 20C discharge Lithium Polymer Batteries

Kato-san clearly spent hours and hours picking out those parts from Digikey. The motor drivers look to be a particularly good choice for smaller robots. The narrow beam angle on the IR emitters and photo transistors probably help prevent overhead lighting from interfering with the sensors and improve the accuracy.

This schematic shows Kato-sans amazing engineering skills. I especially like the use of the opamp for biasing the gyro signal.

Thanks again to Lem Fugitt of Robots Dreams for making us aware of these awesome robots.

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