Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Help wanted at Willow Garage

Willow Garage needs you help designing robot behaviors. These are physical gestures that robots can use to indicate desired human interactions such as needing assistance recharging and threatening bodily harm.

This video is an example of the behavior "Robot needs power badly".

I was having some video problem on Linux the first time I tried it but it seems to be resolved. I think the videos are supposed to only play once.

An example survey question
3. If you were the person depicted with the robot in the clip, what would you do immediately after seeing the robot do what happened in the clip?

Look for the E-Stop

Willow Garage plans to make information about the results of the study available for other robots to use. I think we need robot gestures for "I'm lost", "No network connection" and perhaps "sick" to indicate if a robot may be unsafe to approach.

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