Monday, January 25, 2010

Thing-a-Week #3: Arduino Case

This weeks thang is here! It's a case for your Arduino.

This is the first version of modular rackmountable stackable case system for Arduino and other electronics. If there is sufficient interest, after debugging the initial version I will look into getting injection molded parts made in bulk.

The cases are designed to fit 6 across in a 1U Rack, or 4 across turned the other way. So you can stack 2 longs-ways on top of 3 short-ways.

There should be room for an Arduino shield, and the space in the front of the case is for a circuit board with your alphanumeric LEDs. The end piece with a cutout is designed to hold a 3mm thick plate you can laser or hacksaw out of acrylic, wood or whatever.

Download and Enjoy.
Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Robotbling said...

Cool! Looks nice. I don't have any experience with arduinos but I know they are super popular. You gotta get this thing out there!

Anonymous said...

you should make something that is a little more aesthetically pleaseing. right now it looks like every other project box out there.