Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Upgrade: Can the Hexbug Nano Swim?



Before environmental pressures forced Hexbugs to evolve to operate on land, they were originally amphibious creatures that were found in damp environments. Perhaps like humans losing their gills and the ability to breathe underwater, Hexbugs may have lost their waterproofness during the evolutionary process. They may however retain the innate ability to swim.


If they were waterproof, Hexbugs would be able to swim.

Experimental Equipment

  • Hexbug Nano
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Wood Putty
  • Rubber Cement

Experimental Procedure

  • Remove battery & battery cover.
  • Turn power switch to the on position
  • Insert battery to check that the switch is in the correct position, remove battery
  • Use wood putty to fill in the area in which the switch moves
  • Apply rubber cement to the edge of the battery case
  • Let everything dry for 15 minutes
  • Fill the bucket with water
  • Find camera and tripod
  • Insert battery into Hexbug (It should now be running)
  • Attach battery cover and screw closed
  • Drop Hexbug into bucket
  • Record video
  • Upload video to Youtube or Vimeo
  • ???
  • Profit




Once waterproofed, Hexbugs operate underwater just as effectively as they do on desks and floors. This is also a quick and fun experiment that creates a minimal amount of mess and doesn't require soldering.

Future Work

Future experimenters may look at using bristlebots to search for pollution released into sewer systems, look for the lost city of Atlantis or perhaps they could be used as fishing bait.


I Heart Robotics will not be held responsible for damaged Hexbugs or international incidents that lead to war with the fish people of Atlantis.


Unknown said...

i have a hex bug nano and how would you tern it of?

I Heart Robotics said...

You can power it off by removing the battery. Not the best solution but it works.

Anonymous said...

thomas said ''what do you think an under-water hexbug nano swarm in attack formation at the ymca pool would look like ... especally ifpeople were in it....hehe!''smiles evily!

Anonymous said...

Can you use plummers putty and marine sealent instead of wood putty and rubber sement.

I Heart Robotics said...

Obviously I Heart Robotics does not condone such activities. Nor do we condone posting videos of such activities to youtube.

Actually I think it would make a fun pool game trying to catch them underwater.

I Heart Robotics said...

You can probably use anything that is waterproof and does not dissolve in water.

Silicone marine sealant would probably work well. I'm not too sure about the chemicals in plumbers putty.

Greg Needel said...
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Armageddon said...

What can you do about attaching weapons so we can win the war against the fish people of atlantis? I am thinking something like lasers but good old fashioned mini-torpidoes work too. It would all have to be tiny though.

Anonymous said...

i just used some electrical tape over the switch and also used it as a "gasket" for bat cover the used super glue around edges of tape 5 out of 5 hex bugs ran till bat died took me about 5 min to do all 5 hex bug nano with functional switch and bat is changeable with ease