Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thing-a-Week #4: Webcam Pan and Tilt System

This weeks thing is a webcam pan and tilt system for the Logitech C600 webcam that you could use on your robot or UAV. It is not perfect, and should probably be redesigned a bit before serious use.

The main problems with the current design are stiffness and the axis of rotation are not exactly in the optical center. If the rubber grommets are removed, the stiffness is improved but the rotational errors are increased. Also I would probably go with the HS-65mg or possibly the hs-45HB servos instead of the the HS-81 servo. Tilt/pan may also work better then pan/tilt, since rotation operations are not commutative.

Available for download at Thingiverse. Previous weekly things can be found here.

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Robotbling said...

Really cool. Again, I'd totally post these on Instructables if you're not doing that!