Friday, March 12, 2010

Playback: Friday Robot Video Roundup

Playback is the new name for our somewhat weekly roundup of robotics related videos from the internets.

Cellbots presents their new acrylic robot with compass based navigation. It uses the compass built into the Android Cellphone.

This Arduino Mega based robot shows off its obstacle avoidance skills.

The playback and record features of ROS are amazing. not only does it making debugging orders of magnitude easier, but it also provides a data format for collaboration. I predict that this will allow many more experimental datasets to be published along with academic papers.

The Colony Scout is part of the Colony robot project. This is a swarming robot project under development by the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Club.

First Robotics Team 456 is showing how they kick it. Which is a good reminder that this weekend is the New York City Regional First Robotics Competition and it is open to the public.

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Thanks for sharin my Arduino robot video =)