Thursday, April 29, 2010

Killbot Pilots May be Responsible for Their Actions

While it may seem obvious, the details, as usual, are the problem and this post over at the Wired Danger Room scratches the surface of some of the legal and ethical issues facing teleoperated robots. I am still unsure why the TLA is the ones flying the drones, but if it keeps them from dealing on the streets at least that's something.

Operators of other armed robots may also find themselves facing charges in the event of a lethal malfunction while in co-op mode. I hope for everyones sake that the robots provide a way to prove if the equipment is or is not being teleoperated and provide a secure means of identifying the operator. At least some of the killbots have finally implemented encryption, so hopefully the inevitable unintended deaths don't result in claims of hacking.

I am sure this will be an ongoing story of unintended consequences.

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