Friday, April 9, 2010

Rovio Source Code!

I am cautiously optimistic, but it looks like WowWee has done the right thing and released source code to the Rovio.

I'll have an update this weekend after I either brick the Rovio or manage a successful build.


Anonymous said...

Hey, great blog :)
Wondering if you got anywhere with the sourcecode for the Rovio, is it hackable enough? I don't have the ARM suite and am wondering if it's worth trying to repackage the code to work with GNUARM, as it seems the Rovio can be a great platform to hack.

I Heart Robotics said...

Due to time constrains time project is currently in the refrigerator. I think it can be done, but it would really help to have the ARM toolchain.

Without the toolchain it may be easier to report eCos.