Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thing-a-Week #8: Small Camera Servo Mount

 This weeks thing is a servo mount for the Point Grey Flea2 and Chameleon Cameras. These cameras are fairly popular for robotics since they have a global shutter which is often critical for machine vision tasks.

This can be used to provide pan or tilt control of the camera with an standard servo. In this case a Hi-Tec HS-325HB servo has sufficient torque to accurately position the camera.

The mounting plate can be connected to the servo using M1.6 screws or M2x6mm screws with nuts.  You could probably modify the design to work with imperial sizes if you wanted to.

The M1.6 screws are inserted from the top into the servo horn. The servo horn does not need to be tapped to securly hold the screws.

Using M2 screws will require first drilling out the holes in the servo horn.

The top of the mounting plate provides hexagonal holes that are designed to hold the nuts and keep them from rotating.

Here is the camera setup to pan left to right using the servo.

 get a better view of how the parts fit together. The servo was testing in tilt mode and sufficient torque was available to hold the camera steady. Larger or heavier lenses may require a bigger servo.

If you want to try making your own, the part files, as always, are available at Thingiverse and if you don't a have a 3D printer you can buy the mounting plate here.

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