Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sale at RadioShack

While it may be a surprise to some, RadioShack is still in business. They are also profitable probably due to the high margins on overpriced cell phone contracts. Interestingly, according to the chart shown below from page 24 of their annual report, products like electronic components and speaker cables, which make up the technical category, only account for 4.6% of revenue. It is clear why they are rebranding themselves "The Shack".

Recently, one of the local RadioShacks near here sent their entire stock of the protoboards back to headquarters. Probably so that their online store didn't stay out of stock. They also appear to be trying to increase their short term profits by lowering their parts inventory so they can convince someone to buy them.

Now they have dropped their insane parts prices down to just expensive with a poorly advertised 25% discount if you buy 5 items or more from the drawers. I was also able to buy a parallax RFID reader for ten bucks. Fortunately, the one I purchased came with two tags. It looks like they have no plans to restock what is left of their already limited selection of electronics components.


whiskers said...

Yeah, I haven't been able to find anything useful at 'The Shack' in a quite a while. Didn't even make a trip for a resistor recently and ordered online out of fear of not finding it in the store.

Robotics Toys said...

I gave up on the Rat Shack a long while back, they went through a glory period of selling off all their real components at bargain prices in the early 2000s and after that I don't think they ever got anything new in. (Got all the Forrest Mimms project books for about .25 each!)

Occasionally you'll find something that is on clearance for a good price b/c no one in the store knows what it is and they just want to get rid of it.

If you want a parts store, you're going to have to find a local supplier or hit Digikey/Jameco/Mouser.