Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CityFlyer Ground Station

The CityFlyer ground station takes different approach to developing a control system for UAVs. While other systems try to provide as much information as possible, this one seems to focus on readability. Also, since it is based on GTK+ and ROS it may be useful for other robots.

It uses the osm-gps-map widget to display maps from Open Street Maps. This might be more useful than google maps if you wanted to setup your own map server that uses maps generated from your UAV. The GPS map viewer is also available separately as a standalone tool for ROS.

Each of the instruments are well documented and implemented using the Cairo scalable vector graphics library, which means that each gauge could scale up to full screen without looking pixelated. Controls are also provided for a high contrast mode which might be useful for daylight readable displays. Since the individual instruments are implemented as GTK widgets they could also be used to build your own ground station.

Rumor has it that the lead developer is graduating soon and looking for work, so feel free to contact him here.

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