Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This New Lab: Toolbox Upgrade

Recently purchased a Waterloo Tool Cabinet in an attempt to organize the tools around the lab. While it was more then a I really wanted to spend, the amount of time it has saved me from looking for tools has made it all worth it. Also having a nice tool storage setup increases the available work surfaces in the lab, now that tools now have a place to go. This also seems to work better then trying to hang tools on pegboard. The biggest problem with pegboard, besides the fact that the hooks keep falling out if you don't hotglue them, is that it provides a 2D tool storage solution that is limited by the available wall space. The tool cabinet provides a 3D solution with wheels. The pegboard still works well for getting non-tools up off the floor in a way that makes it easy to locate things.

The toolboxes ship without any sort of drawer liners which means that tool storage and retrieval is a noisy affair and the tools have a tendency to slide around as the drawers are opened and closed. The Con-Tact Ultra Grip Liner provides are great solution to this problem. The liner is basically a fabric mesh with a PVC foam coating. While it is not adhesive per se, there is sufficient friction between it and the metal to keep it from moving. The design also helps damp the sound of tools being thrown into the toolbox. Though it has not been tested, the liners appear to be washable.

The Con-Tact Brand Grip Liner works well for the smaller drawers. The extra trimmings will probably be useful for other projects in the future.

The screw cutter collection is finally organized.

The Klein Tools' Canvas Zipper Bags are another purchase that was more than I wanted to spend but worth the money. These bags are very sturdy and come built with zippers that may be indestructible. The other side does not have a logo which provides a convenient place to silkscreen an I Heart Robotics logo.


ToolGuyd said...

Is there any chance we can see what else you've got in those drawers?

Pretty please, with pliers and screwdrivers on top!

I Heart Robotics said...

I'll try to post photos at some point this week.