Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New 6 DoF Inertial Sensor from Analog Devices

The ADIS16367 is an interesting single module solution from Analog Devices, though it is a little pricy at $523.00 per module in quantities of 100-499. The performance clearly is intended to separate it from to competition. The three gyros can operate at up to ±1200°/sec and the accelerometers can handle up to ±18 g. It provides a 14bit ADC for the integrated gyros and accelerometers, 12bit temperature sensing and a 12bit ADC and for some reason a 12bit DAC. It also provides 4 GPIO lines and 330 Hz bandwidth over SPI bus.

Perhaps most impressive is the orthogonal alignment of 0.05°, which they appropriately describe as tight.

It looks like it is a design update of the ADIS16365 with faster gyros. Go read the ADIS16367 datasheet here for more info. Another option would be to wait for them to update the ADIS16405 which has an integrated magnetometer.

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