Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In Stock: Nejisaurus PZ-58 Screw Pliers

I Heart Robotics is the robotics blogging division of I Heart Engineering and 'In Stock' is a new feature showcasing new products available from the I Heart Engineering store.

Today's product is the Neji-saurus PZ-58 Screw Pliers. One of the many great tools we found on our recent trip to Japan. These screw pliers are a unique high quality tool we have worked to import directly from Japan. Though the Neji-saurus is designed to assist in the removal of round, pan-head or truss screws, it is also capable of 'fixing' many other problems you may find.

We were about to record a video demonstrating the capabilities of this tool when we found this.

An English translation of the above video is also available.

Order now.

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