Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Playback: Last month in delta robots

Looking back at some of the delta robots of October.

I personally hate doing voice-overs for videos so it is nice to find this delta robot video by Filippo Sanfilippo with an excellent voice-over.

I'm tempted to say this is art. Despite the competition, this robot is I Heart Robotics' parallel manipulator of the month for October! Anyone want to make a logo for the award?

Simulador excelente!

いいです。 デルタロボットはロボコンマガジンNo.72

Here is a nice parametric delta robot model in solidworks.

This one is made from a Novint Falcon!

Clearly, there are times where regular Legos are not big enough, for those times there are TETRIX elements.

Instead of ending this episode of playback with the usual snack/breakfast related video, we will take this opportunity to remind you to brush you teeth.

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