Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RobotBox: A Community Showcase for Robots

After you have spent hours/day/months/years building your robot and getting it working, what's next?

That is where RobotBox comes in as a gallery for robots and way to showcase your robot and the build process and also get feedback on your design.

We asked William Cox, the founder of RobotBox, to highlight some of his favorite robots that are on RobotBox. Here they are:

M&M Sorter by cakemonster
This mini robot sorts mini M&Ms into mini piles.

Peep by topazx2
A beautiful nano-sumo robot

TeamUR the Third by void_main
An autonomous desktop robot with personality

RobotBox is also offering free wheels and has posted a $200 $300 bounty on reverse engineering the Neato robotics XV-11 LIDAR.

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