Thursday, November 25, 2010

ROS + Kinect: Turkey Day Treat a RGBIR-D Sensor for the Holiday

Here is some more great news on the ROS + Kinect front. The IR data is accessible from the Kinect. There are a lot of interesting implications of this in terms of performing tasks, starting with things like window detection and improved calibration. A robust glass detector would be very useful.

I want to test to see what kind of IR image this thing produces on the Kinect. Just need to find the person who borrowed it as part of some crazy scheme to track birds socializing at night.

Also today's treats cooked up by Willow Garage provide open source community developed Debian packages for the Kinect USB Driver, and Ubuntu Lucid and Maverick packages for installing the ROS Kinect drivers.

I heart Robotics is working on some tutorials and videos for the Kinect RGBIRD sensor and should have them up soon.

Look at this commit.

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