Monday, November 1, 2010

A Trip to Guang Hua Digital Plaza

While preparing for the trip to Taiwan I read about a place called Guang Hua Digital Plaza. This looked like an interesting place to visit, so on the last day in Taiwan I managed to make a quick trip.

The area near the digital plaza was filled with motherboards and scooters as far as the eye could see.

During the trip, someone told me that there are more scooters than people in Taiwan. For some reason I believe them.

This particular electronics store had a wide selection of components and tools.

Their website is here.

Bins everywhere filled with every type of electrical component imaginable.

Their selection of power resistors was quite impressive.

A wide selection of metal film and Kapton tapes.

Many more computer stores

Computer cases

More electronics stores


This is a computer hospital, it looks like a veterinarian's office to me.

This is what the main entrance to the Guang Hua Digital Plaza looks like at night.

Six floors of electronics and computer components.

Every major computer band is represented here.

Gun Heaven Automatic Electric Gun Specialty Store.

If you are visiting Taiwan I strongly suggest that you make time to visit the Guang Hua Digital Plaza as the total experience is hard to capture photographically.

To get there, first fly to Taiwan, take a bus from the airport to the Taipei Main Station, then take the MRT to the Zhongxiao Xinseng Station.

Exit the station via exit #4, and follow the green path shown above.

For some reason the exit numbers are clearly marked.

It was nice meeting you Taiwan, I hope to visit again soon. Now it's back to our regular programming and debugging.

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