Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In Stock: Pocket Bender

Today's featured product is the Pocket Bender, a great tool for bending aluminum, copper and brass sheet metal. The compact size makes it easy to store in your pocket, or in your toolbox.

The Pocket bender can be used to produce 90° bends, U-bends, and stair step bends. The bender can bend A5052 aluminum up to 1.5mm thick and 30mm wide, A1000 aluminum up to 1.5mm thick and 50mm wide. It also works on brass and copper sheets up to 1.0mm thick and 50mm wide.

Easy hand-held operation is performed by attaching the bender at the desired location and manually bending the part the the desired angle. The beveled edge of the tool allows for the production of accurate 90° bends. A hex key is conveniently included for tightening the tool. Order now.

Later in the week we should have how-to instructions for building your own desktop sentry robot.

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