Saturday, December 25, 2010

Playback: This month in delta robots + Awards

Una robot del delta de España. Hecho por efixoben. ¡Gran trabajo!

Hecho en México por Elías. Tengo gusto del diseño.

Más de México. "Ejemplo de integración de Robot Paralelo con línea de producción, se utiliza un sistema de visión artificial para el reconocimiento de botellas con posición y orientación aleatorias." ¡Trabajo agradable utiliza un sistema de visión artificial!

From the UK we have this monster delta robot made by Martin Price. Watch out because it has plans to replicate.

Here is a great mechatronics class project game with an electromagnet gripper.

"A FANUC M-1iA 6-axis robot handles and deflashes plastic tape dispensers. Using iRVision 2D, the M-1iA robot locates and picks the parts. The FANUC M-1iA robot is designed for small part handling, high speed picking and assembly applications."

Progress has been made since we featured an earlier version of this robot last month, at this rate the ABB FlexPicker may have some competition to worry about. More info here.

Best Commercial Delta Robot

This video shows how a delta robot fits into the larger packaging system. Features like the powered belt chicane add excitement as the packaged bars approach the delta robot. Excellent voice over and sound effects add to the high quality video. Great work from Bosch Packaging Machines, USA.

Best DIY Delta Robot and Delta Robot of the Year

This robot doesn't care what you say about it's accuracy, it's an artist. Sketchy has that joie de vivre that separates the great delta robots from the good ones. It's work has been featured in prestigious exhibitions such as Dorkbot Bristol. It bares it's artistic soul for the world to see and download with open-source software and extensive documentation. Excellent work and congrats on winning the I Heart Robotics Delta Robot of the Year Award for 2010.

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jarkman said...

Many thanks!

Sketchy may not be the best delta robot in the world, but he is the most enthusiastic.