Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rotary Stage Test Video

Initial testing is looking pretty good. However, it looks like it will be necessary to remove the case of the Kinect if it is important to reduce to oscillations when the rotation stops.


jarkman said...

Apologies if I'm teaching you to suck eggs here, but if you want to stop without oscillation you may only need to manage your deceleration a bit more.

Right now you decelerate very quickly, which means you have a lot of torque available to wind up the flexibility of your mechanics. If you control the peak acceleration & deceleration, you will get a lot less torque and hence a lot less wobble.

I Heart Robotics said...

Yes, that should have been clearer.

You're right, you can prevent the oscillation when it is mounted to a tripod by controlling the acceleration and deceleration.

However, the idea is that the same part can be used to mount the Kinect on a robot, and you don't want your sensor shaking around as the robot is moving.