Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Scripting with Urbi

If you haven't heard of it before Urbi is a parallel and event driven scripting language and is being used for a varity of robots including the Nao.

As an example of what Urbi can do, here is a neat demo of programming a ball tracker for the AR.Drone in 25 lines of code.

If you have an extra hour this Google TechTalk presents some of the ideas behind Urbi, though there have been some improvements since the talk. For example, the Urbi code base was recently opensourced with the GNU AGPL License.

Overall Urbi presents some interesting ideas for enabling control of the scheduler, and improving parallelism in a scripting language. The GUI tools look interesting and provide a graphical visualization of the state machines.

It also supports several library bindings enabling building of QT applications and integration with ROS.

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