Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Stock: New Tools

Once again, it's shameless self promotion Sunday and this week I Heart Engineering has a fine assortment of new tools in stock.

The NZ-03 Chip Cutter, it is designed for removing surface mount resistors and capacitors. The grip is ESD safe and is made from an ergonomic and environmentally friendly thermoplastic elastomer. It also has a hole designed into the handle for attaching a strap.

The jaws have an adjustable opening angle and are made from S58C steel.

The NZ-03 cuts vertically for ease of use in high density circuit boards.

The tool cleanly removes the damaged chip quickly and easily without damaging the pads.

The NZ-03 Chip Cutter is great for repair work removing surface mount capacitors and resistors. It can also be used to cut IC leads in dense layouts. On sale all this week for $32.95 at the store.

Here you can see the PA-90 strip gauge attached to a pair of PA-14 wire strippers.

The gauge is easy to install and the adjustable position is set by means of the thumb screw.

The PA-90 strip gauge can help strip wires to consistent lengths as short as 1mm. Free while supplies last with the purchase of PA-14 wire strippers that are now on sale for $37.95. The PA-14 wire strippers can strip some of the smallest gauge wires, including 32AWG solid and 34AWG stranded wire. For reference these gauges are thinner than standard wirewrap wire.

I got these for myself, but there are more In Stock if you need them.

The NP-05 Plastic Nippers are specifically designed to cleanly remove a variety of gates from injection molded parts. Great for trimming prototypes, building model robots or assembling injection molded injection molding machines. The nippers are 120mm long and the tapered head is 11m wide when closed. The slender design provides ease of use in restricted areas. They can also be used as light-duty wire cutters able to cut copper wire up to 1mm in diameter. Available all this week for $19.95.

All of the tools shown above are available from the I Heart Engineering store.

I Heart Robotics is a division of I Heart Engineering.

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