Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RoboFarming Updates

CSIRO has been using ROS with it's autonomous Bobcat skid steer loader that it uses for cleaning up around the lab. There are obvious applications for robo-mining in Australia as it is one of the largest industries and there are serious safety concerns due to the obvious dangers involved in mining and also some of the best mineral deposits are in areas infested with drop bears. These kind of heavy robots and co-operative autonomous control also seem usable for robo-farming.

The Robots Podcast recently discussed the use of robots for horticultural purposes with Harvest Automation. Joe Jones from Harvest Automation clearly understands what makes a viable robotics business model. We strongly suggest listening. If you are short for time listen to the bit at 23:00. [From: robots.net]

This video shows some of the existing developments, however I suspect that harvesting is an area ripe for development.

With all these solutions in the pipeline, there are also looming legal problems on the horizon.

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