Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gostai Jazz at CeBIT

This year at CeBIT, Gostai will be showing off its new Jazz robots, including an upgraded Jazz Connect equipped with an LCD display for two-way video conferencing.

The Jazz Connect seems like a solid concept and the new LCD screen should make it more user friendly and improve its usability.

The Jazz Security robot, on the other hand, probably has some applications where a business would want security to be able to patrol without risking thefts by human security guards. In this case the lack of arms may be an advantage. Overall the execution of the concept is good, I'm just not certain it makes sense for most businesses.

Finally, while the concept of the Jazz Icon as a branding robot seems somewhat silly, it really is no different than hiring models to pose in front of booths to draw traffic. The costs of 7900€ or 1800€ for rental are not all that expensive in the context of a booth rental at a large trade show. Also, I will be disappointed if I do not see Jazz Icon waiters in Parisian restaurants on my next trip to France.

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