Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Stock: Cordless Soldering Iron and More

This month we have a great selection of new tools in stock at the I Heart Engineering store.

The SK-70 Kotelyzer Soldering Iron with Case is an amazing butane powered soldering iron with push button ignition that can operate for 2-4 hours on a single charge unlike battery powered irons. It is equivalent in performance to a 20-80W electric soldering iron with a maximum tip temperature of 500°C. If you have ever found yourself sitting in a field trying to fix a robot's blown power supply then you need this tool. It comes with a 1mm diameter needle tip and a hot air tip for field service of surface mount components and activation of heat shrink.

It comes with a heavy duty steel case to protect the iron from being damaged during transportation. If you are interested, the case itself is also available separately.

Inside the case is an adjustable stand, solder sponge and tip storage area.

The 3 position adjustable stand provides convenient storage of the iron while it is hot.

The TWM-08 adjustable wrench has super slim 2mm thick jaws that provide an ideal solution for tightening the nut on BNC or coaxial connectors. The short length also makes it useful for tightening thin nuts in confined spaces.

All these and more can be found in stock at the I Heart Engineering store.

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