Thursday, March 24, 2011

OpenRAVE IKFast Robot Database Released

Do you have a robot arm? If so you may want to look at OpenRAVE, with it's support for inverse kinematics, motion planning, grasp analysis, simulation and more.

With the new release, OpenRAVE now has COLLADA models for many of the most popular robot arms and a stated goal of supporting every robot arm.

The arm database along with a new test system should help insure that the ikfast solver generates the correct solution for every possible robot.

ROS integration should continue to improve through the OpenRAVE Planning stack which provides support for many of the standard planning and manipulation services. Inside the stack is a package orrosplanning which "contains cool planning bindings".

More information is available.

[From: ros-users]

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Chris Bare said...

Has anyone been able to import these Collada files into Blender? Blender 2.49 doesn't support Collada 1.5, and Blender 2.56a crashes when I try to import mitsubishi-pa10.dae