Friday, April 22, 2011

BiliBot Developer Edition

The BiliBot is now available for sale! The developer edition is available in a variety of stylish colors (Red, Blue, Green, White, Black), and includes custom laser engraving, perfect for putting your robot's name or URI.

The BiliBot comes with Ubuntu and ROS pre-installed, to make it easy to get started with development. The on-board computer is equipped with a 3.1 GHz Intel i3 processor with 4GB RAM which should provide enough processing power to perform most tasks on-board and at the very least it is sufficient for compressing the data before sending it to the ground station.

One of the great new features is the BiliArm, a basic robot arm with two degrees of freedom (elbow, gripper) driven by gear motors it allows the Bilibot to lift objects up to 3 lbs from ground level to 17" into the air.

Everything you need to get running, including a modified Kinect, is in the BiliBot kit available here for $1,200.00

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