Friday, April 29, 2011

Bilibot Special Offer

The developer of the Bilibot have a special offer for getting a developer rebate of up to $350 on the purchase of a new BiliBot if you develop an opensource application and share video taped results. Bonus points are awarded for co-operation with other biliboters!

As Garratt Gallagher says, "Our goal with this promotion is to get new developers involved in the community, and encourage people to share their efforts. Also, we feel that the developer community is our biggest asset, because with every cool application, Bilibot and ROS become more attractive as robotics platforms."

More information is available here.


Anonymous said...

why kinect instead of primesense developer's kit? also the video shows lcd(?) attached to the bot - is this part of the normal bot?

I Heart Robotics said...

As far as I know, the Primesense Developer Kit has very limited availability.

I'll check on the rest tomorrow.

I Heart Robotics said...

The LCD is not part of the main bundle but is available as an add-on.