Thursday, April 28, 2011

NRW2011: Boston Robot Block Party

Here is the final bits and bytes of our National Robotics Week coverage, with photos from the Robot Block Party at the Museum of Science in Boston.

There was lots of excitement at the Robot Block Party!

The VGo robot provides a great telepresense solution for highschool students.

There was training available for kids to learn how to operate a giant robot arm.

A robot from the UMass Lowell's robotics lab.

Myomo is a robot for teaching people how to move, this helps with recovery after a stroke.

MakeIt Labs was showing off some of the things they built at their workshop.

We caught one of the robots taking a nap amidst all of the chaos.

Boston has a harbor, therefore Boston Engineering has robofish.

 Researchers from the Tufts University Center for Engineering Education and Outreach presented some great Lego NXT and Tetrix based robots. The are working diligently to improve the LabVIEW experience when programming the NXT brick.

Unlike their rivals who were unable to attend, the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences had a great presence at the party and helped raise awareness of academic robotics research in Boston. Professor Robert Wood’s Microrobotics Lab presented their work building RoboBees.

The Boy Scouts were excited to receive their robotics merit badges delivered by an iRobot SUGV.

We will back in Boston in the near future for more field reporting. If you are near Boston or New York and your company, research lab or hacker space would like to show off your robots, send us an email to arrange a visit!


Ryan Tucker said...

The ATRV-Jr robot was a robot from UMass Lowell's robotics lab:

UMass Amherst was not one of the exhibitors.

I Heart Robotics said...

Sorry about that.