Sunday, April 10, 2011

NRW2011: Photos from AUVSI Robotics Demo in DC

The AUVSI Foundation's robotics demonstration has been a great kickoff to National Robotics Week.

The IGVC demo will continue into Monday, so if you can't make it to DC, you can call or email your senator or representative and suggest that they check out the robots just outside their offices.

The University of Delaware team had a ground robot with strong emphasis on computer vision. They utilized the Segway RMP for the drive system, and worked with OpenCV to implement their vision algorithms. For more information about the University of Delaware IGVC team you can check out their website.

The team from the City College of New York has a robot called CATA that used an interesting omnidirectional camera system, on the software side they utilized ROS and OpenCV.

The team from Fordham University used a Pioneer 3-AT along with a Bumblebee stereo camera on their IGVC robot.

The team from the US Naval Academy had a robot that used a solar panel for accessory power, and it also acted as a sun shade helping make the laptop screen visible. Their robot was controlled with MATLAB and used OpenCV for computer vision.

The robot from UMass Lowell had a beautifully machined frame. In a show of ingenuity the team utilized an Android based cellphone as a magnometer replacement.

All the way up from the University of Central Florida, this robot is fully JAUS compliant. This allows algorithms to be tested on the ground station and easily moved to the on-board computer running Ubuntu.

Video of the event will be up tomorrow as part of our continuing coverage of National Robotics Week 2011.

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James Dalphond said...

Im James from the UMass Lowell Robotics Team. Our website is actually The robots name is "Stark". Otherwise, awesome write up.