Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TurtleBot: No Laser, No Problem

Even if you don't have a laser cutter you can still make many of the TurtleBot parts with basic hand tools.

First, cut a 12.75"x12.75" piece of 1/4" MDF

Setup a compass with an opening of 6.2" to create a 12.4" diameter circle.

From each edge of the plate draw a small arc to find the approximate center.

From the center of the plate scribe a circle.

Print out the TurtleBot plate at a 1:1 scale to use as a drill template.

Tape the pieces of paper together and hold it up to a light to make sure the overlapping areas are aligned.

Cut out the template and make sure everything fits.

A coping saw or a scroll saw can be used to cut out the circular shape from the MDF.

After you have cut out MDF, attach the template and start drilling.

If the holes end up misaligned you can drill them a little larger and use a washer if necessary to make things fit.

If you get tired of drilling and sawing, you can buy laser cut discs and other TurtleBot parts here.

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