Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PR2 SE Now on Sale

Willow Garage has a new robot out, the PR2 SE (Starter Edition?) provides a useful subset of the features provided by the PR2 with an updated set of sensors for budget conscious researchers. Now available for under $200,000 for qualified researchers.

We are waiting to find out if the PR SE can be upgraded to a full PR2, and if this means that the
PR2 will have it's sensor suite upgraded as well in the near future.

The PR2 SE can be upgraded to a full PR2 for $100k, so the capabilities can be expanded as research budgets allow. As for the sensors, according to Willow Garage, "The details of sensor suite upgrade have not been fully spec'd yet. That said, the PR2 will always have the same or more capable set of sensors than the PR2 SE." This is great news and hopefully this will provide an entry point for smaller labs to work on personal robotics.

Buy one now, so I can buy one on eBay in 10-20 years to fold my laundry.

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Anonymous said...

I just ordered the two armed ones. It still cheaper than a wife to fold clothes.