Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ROS Documentation Contest: Round Three

We have a winner! Round three of the ROS Documentation contest goes to Srećko Jurić-Kavelj from the University of Zagreb.

The ROSARIA package allows you to connect an Adept MobileRobots (formerly ActivMedia) Pioneer to ROS using the ARIA C++ interface. They also put together a tutorial on connecting it to your i Phone and drive the robot using the phone's accelerometer.

Srećko has also developed and documented an anaglyph node for ROS that accepts a pair of stereo images and outputs a red/cyan image. While the above video was generated using ROS, I am pretty sure the dancers are not running ROS, yet.

Congrats on winning round three, and we are now accepting entries for round four.

Also, if you are interested in the future of ROS, today is the day to get involved by participating in a ROS special interest group (SIG) for planning the features of the next release.

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