Friday, January 27, 2012

Now available on DVD

If you have been wondering where we have been, January has been product development month at I Heart Engineering. We are pleased to announce that ROS (Robot Operating System) is now available for pre-order on DVD. We are currently planning to start shipping on February 7th.

This DVD has a few great features that make it a convenient way to get started with ROS. It can be used as a LiveDVD so you can boot from it and try out things like rviz and Gazebo without having to format your hard drive. Once you are ready, the DVD installer will take care of the basic configuration to help you get started quickly with Ubuntu 10.04 and ROS Electric Emys.

$10 of every purchase will be set aside to help fund the creation of a ROS Foundation. In the event that things don't work out and a ROS Foundation can not be established in the next three years the funds will be donated to the EFF.

The 64-bit version is recommend but a 32-bit version is also available in the store.


noonv said...

Great news!
I've got a question - could i in my course on ROS sell USB drives with installed Ubuntu Linux and ROS? Thanks!

I Heart Robotics said...

USB drives will soon be available, if you want to buy them in bulk send us an email.

If you want to build your own...

We hope to have all the scripts for building your own ISO up in a git repository soon and we will probably have a torrent for downloading the pre-built ISO. Expect this early next week, though some stuff is already in github.

As for logo usage, you would need to sort that out with Willow Garage as far as I know.

noonv said...