Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Stock: Even more TurtleBot Accessories

Here is some exciting news as part of our plans at I Heart Engineering to become the world's leading developer of TurtleBot accessories. We are proud to present some of our new spring collection. All of these accessories are Open Source Hardware and are 'ready to roll'.

After some production delays, our laser mounts are now available for immediate shipment or download.

The TurtleBot Hokuyo URG Mount is designed to provide a variety of options for mounting your 2D laser scanner to the TurtleBot. If you have a laser cutter, the design files should provide all you need to precisely and securely mount the laser.

The TurtleBot Hokuyo UTM Mount provides both a mounting plate and a custom designed heatsink required for safe operation of the laser scanner. These design files are also available.

If you are looking at adding additional accessories to your robot the TurtleBot Power Splitter can provide an additional power connector. Unfortunately, the splitter can not provide additional current, so make sure to avoid drawing more than 1.5 Amps as it will cause the robot base to shut down. The splitter is also useful for testing your accessories by using an external power supply (not included). Design files for the plastic cover are available on thingiverse and the KiCAD design files for the circuit board are available on github. Due to miscommunication, the silkscreen for the back of version 0.2 is reversed. These boards are otherwise fully functional and are currently on sale at a discount.

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