Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Downlink: Assorted Robotics and Vision

Here is the latest in assorted robot links on this episode of Downlink.

Over at the Edinburgh Hacklab they have been working on optical localization for DIY visual servoing for control of low cost robot arms. An interesting approach for driving robot arms without joint position encoders.

 The Customizable Robot Interface (CRI) is a system for building a production interface for mobile robots as an alternative to the debug interface provided by rviz.

Here at I Heart Robotics we are big believers in the possibilities of robot assisted farming, and the Autoponics robotic plantlab looks like the beginnings of that future.

Also, a shout out to Leafsnap.

After looking at test cards for calibrating displays, we have been thinking about 
designing test cards to calibrate computer vision system. Perhaps, this could be useful for testing the effects of lighting or compression techniques on the performance of vision systems. How far is a Test card from a calibration checker board anyway? 3D TV Calibration   HD Test Cards

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Bob Mottram said...

I've often thought about the possibilities of using robotics for horticultural or agricultural purposes. Automating agriculture - especially on a small gardening scale - could have many benefits in terms of health, environment and economics, and would eventually allow people to live sustainably outside of Earth's biosphere.

An automated agriculture system would need to be able to plant seeds, water, apply fertilizer, harvest and then recondition the soil ready for the next crop (assuming it's not hydroponics).